Contractual Law

  • legal assistance and consultations of individuals, regarding their involvement in contractual relations:
  • preparation of legal statements;
  • representation and participation in negotiations at the conclusion, modification, cancellation or termination of various contracts;
  • preparation of preliminary and final contracts for the transfer of movable and immovable property – sale, rent, exchange, loan and other agreements;
  • preparation of notary invitations, powers of attorney, declarations and other unilateral and bilateral transactions;
  • legal assistance and representation in voluntary settlement of contractual relations

Family Law and Right of Heritage

  • preparation of marriage contracts;
  • settlement of matrimonial disputes – divorce by mutual consent and before the court;
  • property claims after the divorce;
  • claims for a greater share of the property, acquired during the marriage;
  • settling disputes on custody and regime of personal relations between parents and children;
  • establishment or contesting the origin of a child;
  • challenge the paternity recognition;
  • actions for establishing the origin of the father;
  • replacing the consent of a parent with court one, for taking the child outside the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • claims for determining the parental rights for a child and / or its amendments;
  • preparation of all documents, related to the implementation of protection under the Protection from Domestic Violence Act; legal protection and representation
  • settlement of hereditary relations; determine the share of the heritage, depending on the way of acquisition of the assets o; acceptance of heritage and waiver of heritage;
  • legal representation and protection in cases of reduction of testamentary actions and grant contracts;
  • legal representation and protection in disputes about the distribution of the inheritance – voluntarily and judicial;
  • preparation of wills;

Tax and Insurance Law

  • representation of individuals before Tax Administration, National Insurance Institute, pension services;
  • legal assistance to individuals and companies in setting their tax policy;
  • representation of individuals in audits, made by Tax administration or other services, cross-checks and other special proceedings, provided in accordance with the relevant regulations;
  • legal advice and assistance in appeal of penalty enactments, individual administrative acts, tax assessments and decisions of the authorities of the tax, insurance and pension administration;
  • legal representation before Tax Administration, National Insurance Institute, pension services and others in relation with appeal of their actions and decisions;

Administrative Law

  • legal advice and legal assistance to individuals with preparation of applications and other documents which should be submitted before state or local administration;
  • representation in administrative proceedings before various administrative institutions;
  • legal representation in administrative and / or judicial appeal of administrative acts or penal enactments.

Labour Law

  • legal advice on the conclusion of labor contracts;
  • legal protection of employee’s interests in relation to the amendment and/or termination of the labor relation with the employer;
  • legal protection in case of dismissal;
  • legal representation in cases related to unlawful actions of the employer (dismissal, breach of labor obligations of the employer, etc.);

Property Law

  • legal advice and assistance, in relation to acquisition and transfer of real estate properties;
  • establishment of real rights and easements, including comprehensive analysis of the ownership of the acquired / sold real estates or real rights;
  • participation in negotiations and legal support in the supply of documents, related to the ownership of the acquired / sold real estates or real rights;
  • legal protection and assistance in carrying out partition of real estates – voluntary partition and/ or legal one.


  • comprehensive legal advice and assistance in relations with banks and non-bank financial institutions;
  • legal assistance in relation to:

– conclusion of credit agreements with banks and non-bank financial institutions;

– establishment of securities in favor of banks and non-bank financial institutions;

– support at the conclusion of legal or contractual mortgages;

– negotiations with banks and non-bank financial institutions to refinance its debt obligations.

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